Month: November 2013


Is it okay if I have no idea what I’m doing?


Does anyone know what this means?

I guess it’s a joke to think that any person┬áreally knows what he or she is doing, and I should take comfort in the reality that we are all living masses of carbon-based confusion. Some of us might be a little more on point than others, but, honestly, do any of us get it totally right? Not in the least, and we’re idiots for thinking that is so.

a long time coming


riding the F to who-knows-where

At Otakon 2013, I had the distinct privilege of being introduced a voice actor whose work I admire, and we had an enjoyable conversations about mutual scholarly interests. We exchanged contact info and, for the following few months, kept in touch via email. Because his work centers on mythology, international and Arthurian, I dove back into research, as I wanted to be of help. Nearly a decade has passed since I last swam in academic waters, but as I’d studied those very topics, I was quite eager to get back to it. I raided both the NYPL and BPL systems, combing the catalogues for anything regarding literary theory, myth theory, Joseph Campbell’s work, and Arthurian studies. I was determined to get up to speed on everything. I was not going to disappoint.

Then I bitched on Twitter.