Fan Art & Other Scribbles

I’ll be posting updates about my most recent photography, watercolor, drawing, and fan art, as well as random blasts from the past. Fair warning: I may update with sections filled with nothing but cat photography. Because cats.


FAN ART: To be honest, I’m stalled. I have the ultimate opportunity to create some Yuri On Ice!!! fan art in time for the Anime Fest art show, and that’s big; YOI’s Japanese creators will be there, as will nearly the entire dub cast. You’d think I’d be neck-deep in sketches and watercolor by now. But I’m not. I’ve had some severe setbacks thanks to even more severe anxiety, and I’m having trouble getting started again. I may get something in time, and I may not. I don’t know. At the moment, I’m scared of artistic vulnerability, and I really have no idea how I’m going to get through that. We’ll just have to see what I want more: “security” in putting nothing out there or terror in sharing art with some amazing people.

WRITING: Oh, writing… You vicious, lovely, alluring, difficult femme fatale. I have several other choice words, but I’d like to be mostly family-friendly here… Anyway, I’m leaving my one freelance job (a story for another post, and a painful one at that), so now I’ll have more time to pursue other projects. I recently completed a sci-fi/fantasy worldbuilding class, and I’m very excited about what’s developing. I already finished a 300+ page manuscript a number of years ago (that’s so god awful that it will never see the light of day…), so I’m pretty sure I can do it again. A friend of mine has published a novel of her own, and she inspires me to really dig in and put in the sweat equity to finish one of my own. Like a for real, legit, fleshed out, finished with blood novel. HERE GOES NOTHING!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Since I now work from home, Yuri and Jipsy are ever-present as I try to get things done. Every so often, one of them will poke her head out from behind the laptop screen, eyeballing me with the scrutiny of a skeptical boss. SO, they’re my bosses. They keep me in line. Stay tuned for photos of my feline editors!



I’m likely going to take down my deviant Art gallery, since I’ve become very dissatisfied with how the site’s… “evolved.” When I find another suitable platform for art display (that also protects an artist’s work), I’ll put a link to it here. Thanks for your patience!

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