World Cup 2018

Where do I even begin? I started playing soccer at age four and have loved watching it ever since. Now, thirty-four years later, I've had the privilege of having visited a handful of the countries now competing on the international stage, and the playing field is the most level I've ever seen it. The majority of the matches I've watched have been riveting, with underdogs taking out their rivals and assumed powerhouses being stymied at every turn. This sport, you guys. Absolutely thrilling. I love it.

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Princess Jellyfish

I'm not gonna lie; I finished the final volume two weeks ago. But I can reread this entire story a thousand times because it is so very well told. While I enjoy Tsukimi's character arc, I'm mostly drawn into the ways in which Kuranosuke grows. He becomes so invested in the lives of the Amars that he doesn't realize how they're changing him. Watching him awaken to the richness in his life is just so beautiful, and he reminds us that every girl is born a princess.

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Image credit: Akiko Higashimura


BTS--MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)

I know I'm very late to the game on this one, but thanks to my best friend, I'm now starting to enjoy BTS and their music. Of all the tunes I've heard so far, Mic Drop is my favorite because the beat is killer, and the guys' dance choreography is legit. Check the video (linked below)--100% credit to the videography, too. You can tell that these guys and their crew give all they have to the life and artistry of their work.


< Link to official Mic Drop video on YouTube

Photo credit: 방탄킬러